About Me


A a child I had bad eczema and allergies. Having exhausted every inhaler, steroid cream, and allopathic ‘solution’ I was taken to see a homeopath.  I remember it clearly… those little white sugar pills.  Allergies and skin much improved and a happier me!

Fast forward to motherhood and my own daughter suffering with the same skin and allergic conditions, homeopathy had the solutions we needed.  When I become pregnant second time around, I decided that Homeopathy for me was going to be my first port of call rather than an ‘extra’.  I had an easier childbirth,  my son was less distressed after birth and I was a happier mum who knew that common ailments could be dealt with at home.  My love and fascination with homeopathy has grown since then.  It’s a topic that constantly evolves with the learner, so when I decided to change careers from being a Secondary School teacher to Homeopath, I knew I’d be able to combine my love of children and young people with my love of homeopathy.

I’ve always taken a challenging path in life, having been blessed in working in Educational Outreach with Gypsy Traveller pupils, in a Psychiatric Unit and as an Educational Advisor on an Adoption and Fostering Panel, so when it comes to case-taking as a homeopath I am not phased by complex medical histories.  I am here, waiting to listen to your story.

My work as a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, is a role that I incorporate into my consultations. Having had eczema, allergies and then a malignant melanoma, I know that a chemical, paraben and SLS free regime is essential for not only good skin care but for emotional wellbeing too.
I have been a Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths for 3 years and regularly attend Continued Professional Development as part of my ongoing studies.

My particular areas of interest in homeopathy are skin, allergies, anxiety and children and young peoples’ health.  I am also an Intuitive healer and have a love of spirituality. Oh and I have a dog… and no allergic reactions!