How I will treat you



You are unique.  How I treat you is different to how I will treat the next person.  Homeopathy is bespoke medicine.  What I can tell you is what I keep in my tool bag:

Homeopathic remedies.  There are around 3000 of them.  I will be selecting remedies that fit both your symptoms and your own constitution.



Anthroposophical medicine and Weleda products.  Creams, remedies, personal grooming and beauty products that work on both a physical and spiritual level.  Complementing your treatment and 100% natural, safe and organic.



Homeobotanical Therapy.  Blends of herbs that are prepared homeopathically to aid drainage of the body, act nutritively and support healing of both physical and emotional symptoms.



Applied Kinesiology for Allergy Testing.  Muscle testing you for sensitivities and intolerances that cause you disharmony and allergic responses.



Healing and emotional support.  Helping you deal with the underlying issues that have made you unwell.