What is #cleanerbeauty all about?

Did you know that 60% of what goes on us goes in us?
That’s right, your beauty products enter your bloodstream.  The fluoride in your toothpaste and the aluminium in your deodorant.  Scary thought.
Did you realise that as a nation we are getting sicker with allergies and intolerances despite the paradoxical  growth of ‘wellbeing’ products?
Did you realise that what you put on your body goes down the plughole and affects marine life?
Would you like to know how to make small changes to improve your wellbeing and the planet at the same time.  Are you interested in hosting a workshop that teaches you how to look out for ‘nasties’ in everyday products?  Would you like your toilet-bag cleansed from ingredients that disrupt your hormones and irritate your skin?
As a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor this is one of the true passions in my role.  Enlightening people about small changes that have a big and lasting effect on personal health.  Creams, dental products, haircare, sun screens, body washes, medicines can all be sourced ethically and at no cost to you or the planet.

Just contact me and I will happily help you on the road to #cleanerbeauty

Arnica had our back! How my daughter used Arnica post-spinal fusion surgery.

The last 2 years for our family has been surprisingly tough, but there has been an ally that needs recognition of her strength, support and healing properties; Arnica.



Dainty in its natural being, this flower has meant the difference between a day at school or not, the ability to walk somewhere rather than catch a lift, a releaser of tension from carrying school bags not to mention Arnica’s ability to speed up recovery after surgery. This flower may look fragile, but it’s all a disguise. Arnica is the toughest flower in the patch.

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Homeopathy at London Fashion Week #themodelzone

I was so excited to be invited to work at The Model Zone at London Fashion Week this year as one of the homeopaths. My previous forays into the world of fashion-employee having been a student job at an American store in Brent Cross in the 90’s.  I didn’t enjoy that one bit.
But now, as someone who has followed debates on women in the fashion industry I was really pleased to be representing Weleda who sponsor the Model Zone. Continue reading