What patients say



“I have used Jo’s homeopathy remedies on a couple of occasions, with my infant son. He was experiencing coughing, high temperature and congestion on a regular basis.  It was Jo that recognised there was a pattern to his symptoms.  The most important factor to visiting Jo comparatively to a conventional doctor was the time and interest given.  I felt listened to rather than rushed.  His condition improved using homeopathic remedies.  The most astounding result I have seen are my sons warts he had on his hand, for over a year. Jo mentioned she could treat them, within two weeks of using the remedies they were completely gone. The results were fantastic and fast!”, Kath

“After having a difficult birth & pregnancy with my first born and taking a long time to heal I was keen to make things as smooth as possible the second time around. I saw Jo a month or so before my due date and she  prescribed some remedies and gave me some advice on things to be aware of. I am delighted to say that I had the most straight forward labour going and have healed extremely quickly this time. I’m so grateful to Jo, she is a wonderful homeopath, a very kind person also and I cannot recommend her work enough. Thank you x” `Kirsty

“After having a full hysterectomy, Jo has helped me immensely.  I have no hesitation in recommending her for any issue for young or old”, Anna

“Jo has treated my son for severe asthma and a weak immune system.  She has a unique intuition to truly understand the emotional complexities of the people she treats which has always resulted in successful treatment. My son has responded very well to the remedies she has given him and the result is a much healthier, happier boy”, Tam.

“Thanks to Jo I have a very happy 10 year old.  I took him to see Jo when he was suffering with hay fever symptoms and having to take Piriton daily.  Her remedies worked brilliantly and no piriton needed since and my son thinks Jo is fantastic!  He’s definitely a client for life!”, Francesca

“Gratitude again to you for taking my skype call and for your insight.  Your reflections have contributed to and deepened what feels like a growth spurt of my over all health…    Becoming conscious to this has been empowering and reason for celebration!” Paola.

“I hadn’t slept in months.  Jo introduced me to homeopathy and the treatment has meant I am now sleeping!”, Stephanie

“My allergic reactions are so much better since I have been taking homeopathic”, Mr N, E4