Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching

Jo’s coaching skills helped me to start setting up my own business after I had been frozen by fear for many months. She has a knack for shining the spotlight on underlying issues and for helping to overcome them. Each session left me feeling energized and clear about what I needed to do next. I’m well on my way now and will definitely be using Jo’s services again in the future.



By helping me achieve a self focused still point during every one of my coaching sessionsJo‘s support went way beyond my expectations. Her professional, intuitive and flexible approach grounded some of the issues we looked at and helped release others. The process included looking backwards and forwards while still staying present to my chosen topic each week. Connections were made that I had not previously realised. Amazing -thank you. 

Mary Anne

Life often needs answers. We have them within us but asking ourselves the right questions can be the biggest challenge of them all. This is where holistic life coaching helps. A coach helps you focus on

  • What your agenda is and what you want the outcome to be
  • What areas of your life are holding you back
  • How you can achieve the goals and desires you have

Perhaps you want to change a relationship, find a new job, improve self-motivation or set up a new business.

Coaching conversations have huge impact, leaving you to feel that you can move on and make big changes that have a profound, everlasting effect.  It is a process that requires you to dig deep, be brave and embrace your vulnerabilities in order to welcome in the new.  I know you are ready for that…….

Resilient Therapists

I spend a lot of time coaching therapists, helping them to establish, grow or evolve their businesses.   Being a Resilient Therapist means having robust systems and compassion without compromise.  Join me on a group course or on a one-one focused course aimed at helping you do what you do best – heal the nation!  And if you head to my www.resilienttherapists.co.uk site you can download some of my free resources if you are a therapist or healer.

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  • November 24, 2020
    Alev Jemal
    Having had successful treatments with Jo in the past I recently approached her to help me through some anxiety that had become difficult for me to manage on my own. After an hours long session online I had already started to feel calmer and Jo’s manner and questioning style helped me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings. This in addition to the remedies she prescribed, which I have been taking for over 2 weeks now I am in a much calmer place both physically and mentally.
    Jo Permaul Homeopath & Holistic Life Coach MARH
    So pleased to hear this and to know you are recovering. Best wishes.
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