Where you can find me

Where you can find me

COVID-19 UPDATE  – 8th SEPT 2020

I am now seeing patients online and in clinic. Discovery calls can be booked on a Mon- Thursday.


Mon 11am to 7pm – online only service using Zoom/Skype

Tues – 10am-12pm online 

Thursday 12-3 online

Wednesdays 3pm to 8pm – KEATS CLINIC Enfield.

I also have 2 sessions each week available for my Walk it Out sessions.  Please email or call me if this interests you.


Keats Complementary Clinic
18a Genotin Terrace
07932 172098 


If you can’t get to me in person then let’s meet online!  I also appreciate that for many of you, it feels safer to meet online.  That is ok with me!

Skype or Zoom is an easy way for busy people to meet.

It’s easy – I will send you a link for an online chat at a pre-booked time and then post remedies out to you.

Book in the same way. Discovery Calls can be booked at either location (they will be via phone or zoom).

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