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Intuitive Coaching

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I’ve been working with my intuition for the past 15 years, reading cards and helping students to access their higher selves and the wisdom that we are all able to access if we know how.  You might have found me because you’d like:

  • an individual reading and/or coaching based on what is going on for you on a spiritual level
  • to learn more about deepening your intuitive skills
  • to be part of one of my workshops

Perhaps you want to change a relationship, find a new job, improve self-motivation or set up a new business.

Coaching conversations have huge impact, leaving you to feel that you can move on and make big changes that have a profound, everlasting effect.  It is a process that requires you to dig deep, be brave and embrace your vulnerabilities in order to welcome in the new.  I know you are ready for that…….


Tarot Session – £50

Tarot and coaching – £66

Are you ready to improve your life?

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  • November 24, 2020
    Alev Jemal
    Having had successful treatments with Jo in the past I recently approached her to help me through some anxiety that had become difficult for me to manage on my own. After an hours long session online I had already started to feel calmer and Jo’s manner and questioning style helped me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings. This in addition to the remedies she prescribed, which I have been taking for over 2 weeks now I am in a much calmer place both physically and mentally.
    Jo Permaul Homeopath & Holistic Life Coach MARH
    So pleased to hear this and to know you are recovering. Best wishes.
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