Never before has the world needed homeopaths and healers more.

Therapists unite!

It’s time for us therapists to step up.  To get creative.  To think outside the box and to shout about what we do.  We do some great work. we have an amazing amount of resources, knowledge and wisdom.  We are armed with qualifications and experience and we are great in a crisis.  Our toolkits are brimming and the technology is allowing many of us to work in new ways.

You may have seen the various social media posts about how Corona Virus is not responding or helped by NSAIDs or paracetomol.  Our remedy kits or therapeutic skills can support this.  Holistic medicine is the answer.  How we respond to viruses is hugely individual, yet the common characteristics remain the same.  Natural medicine and holistic therapies respect and support this notion of bespoke medicine.  This is our bag!

Modern medicine does not cater for how this illness affects our morale.  Our patients are facing crises not seen in our generation before; a lack mentality, working in different ways, children possibly off school, spouses maybe working from home, not to mention the FEAR.  We need to get creative and think of new ways of working,  but we can do it, because we have resilience and original thinking. And we are going to do this in great ways, we just need to get our heads around it.

Many of us therapists work with the core values of intimacy, touch,

community.  This goes against what we are being told to do by the


How do we get around this?  What can we do to nurture our clients and provide the same level of support?  We can find ways, because we have characteristics that led us to become therapists; determination, love, compassion, resilience, originality.

We need to build robust businesses to support and sustain our gifts and

talents.  Now is the time to ensure that we have those systems in place.

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Jo is a homeopath and a holistic life coach.  She has built up her coaching practice facilitating therapists in helping build, sustain and grow their businesses. She is hugely passionate about helping therapists continue to do what they do best – heal patients!

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