Stressed out?

Stressed out?

Life can be incredibly complicated, especially at these challenging times.  Stress and anxiety can really affect quality of life. Do you suffer with panic attacks, fear and depression, feeling like you are not living life to the full?

I look at all aspects of how your body reacts. Together we will talk through your story.  We will put together a time line of your history and work from the present time backwards. With homeopathy, everything is important.

Anxiety and stress can manifest as:

  • skin issues

  • gut and digestive problems

  • insomnia

  • chronic headaches

  • menstrual issues

It affects us all differently.

Homeopathy works because I listen to you and your own experiences.

Natalie came to see me a year ago. She was suffering with constant panic attacks, anxiety, unable to breathe properly, fearful and felt as if something was ‘seriously wrong’. This affected her menstrual cycle and her mood. During my sessions with her she grew in confidence and the panic attacks lessened. Then one day she had one and realised she hadn’t had one in over 6 months! Reaching for remedies when she gets the warning signals has helped her and given her back control and we are working towards getting rid of them for good!

Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for some time, last year I hit my lowest point where insomnia crept in and I didn’t know what to do with myself… I struck gold when I came across Jo. From my initial conversation with her I felt at ease, something that in recent times I had begun to struggle with, particularly when talking about my anxiety. Jo made everything feel a lot easier, speaking about my deepest concerns and fears, as well as things that had made me happy and that I’m grateful for, without being judged, it was the start of me learning to deal with my anxiety. Over the past 15 months, Jo has been amazing. Two things I’d be lost without are Jo’s constant reminders of how far I’ve come and how I have to learn to not be so hard on myself when things do get too much. Anxiety is more than likely going to be part of my life but Jo has 100% helped me realise that it doesn’t have to control it. Jo has been a great support and I can’t thank her enough


Jo’s approach to helping me with dermatitis and general life balance has been extremely successful. After suffering from seborrheic dermatitis for several years I now have a clear face, with less irritation and inflammation internally. I highly recommend attending for improved wellbeing

Mr H

London life can be busy. Trying to find that connection to peace in a fast-paced world is for many a challenge. This affects your health and stress levels. If you try to suppress that stress it will find an outlet, often the skin, being our barrier to the outside world.

Homeopathy works wonders on the most complex of skin conditions.

Are you ready to improve your life?

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  • November 24, 2020
    Alev Jemal
    Having had successful treatments with Jo in the past I recently approached her to help me through some anxiety that had become difficult for me to manage on my own. After an hours long session online I had already started to feel calmer and Jo’s manner and questioning style helped me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings. This in addition to the remedies she prescribed, which I have been taking for over 2 weeks now I am in a much calmer place both physically and mentally.
    Jo Permaul Homeopath & Holistic Life Coach MARH
    So pleased to hear this and to know you are recovering. Best wishes.
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