New Year New You.  

I used to love that saying.  Now as a woman in my (mid – how did that happen?) forties I really dislike it.  But what if you actually like the you that exists?  What if you feel confident and have a comfortable acceptance with the wobbly bits, untoned bits, wrinkly bits and greying bits?  What if you feel fed up of reading about how you need to diet after a post-Christmas binge-fest or how you need to begin training for an ultra-marathon or drop a dress-size.  Does that sound familiar?  Well that’s where I am.  It’s ok to be comfortable with who and where you are.  In fact, it’s amazing if you are right in the midst of comfortability.  It releases a lot of pressure and allows you to get on on with what is the most important part of living – feeling well and enjoying life.

Wellbeing is available for all.  It’s not something that only a few people can aspire to.  It’s an aspect of life that we all deserve and can reach out for.  Feeling alive, looking forward to each day, feeling a sense of gratitude for what we have in our everyday existences; the small things like sleeping in a warm cosy bed, a bath after a long walk, a meal that our partner has made us.  Wellbeing is about not worrying about all the little things that stop you in your tracks, it is about being in the moment, caught up in what sets your heart on fire or just taking time to pause and reflect.  It is also having the confidence to say ‘no’ to things, about not taking on too much, yet finding that time for you.

However, when we are unbalanced, not at ease in our lives, under pressure and stress, worried about finances, in jobs we dislike, suffering with health worries or worrying about the health of loved ones, this is when wellbeing slips to the end of the queue and we focus on things that seem controllable, rather than satisfying.  It is then that people often search for quick-fix health solutions, like anti-biotics on repeat, soldiering through a chronic condition and coping with things rather than looking for ways to deal with them. We become grumpy, unsatisfied, picky and unfulfilled.   I know this because I have been there.  It’s not a place I like, feeling annoyed and fed up with myself.  Feeling doom and gloom, worrying about physical issues that just aren’t going away.


The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

This is true.  If I feel good about me then I feel good about others.  Now, my wellbeing is top of my priorities.  As a mum and a homeopath I used to wonder if that sounds selfish, but after reading lots, talking to colleagues and finding out the hard way, I know that my self-prioritisation is what gives me the strength to care for others.  You cannot pour from an empty cup it just doesn’t work.  I have been there too.

But if you want this new year to be the year that you feel better about your wellbeing rather than your ill-being then what can you do about it?

  • Ask yourself when did you last feel well?  Look back to a moment when you felt great.  What did it feel like?
  • What has got in the way of you feeling like that?  Make a list of all these emotions, circumstances and symptoms.
  • Book in to see me for a homeopathic appointment.  Bring that list with you.  Talk to me about what it felt like to feel well, we will work together to get you back to that place of joy and happiness.  It will happen and I do hope that 2019 is the year we can work together to focus on your wellbeing as your top priority.
  • Remember that the journey is part of the cure.  Homeopathy is all about moments of ‘a-ha’, about listening to your body and learning to reconnect with parts of you that you have put to the back of the queue.  If you’d like to chat to me about how I work then do book in with me for a free 30 minute call.

New Year Better You!

I do hope that this is the year when you discover that Wellbeing is yours for the taking.  That you find peace in your imperfections and embrace the authenticity of who you are.



A blessed 2019 to all my readers,

Jo x

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